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Military Women's Symposium

Amplifying Women's Combat Capacity

March 18, 2023   |   Washington DC

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Hosted by The Valkyrie Project, Inc., this event aims to amplify women’s combat capacity through discussion on women’s human performance, optimization of combat performance, retention, resourcing their well-being on and off duty, and to raise awareness and advocacy among the broader military community and those whom it supports.

Symposium Objectives

The symposium will host panelists to inform and facilitate discussion on the following topics: best practices for women’s health and performance, motherhood considerations, the culture surrounding women in the military, optimizing equipment and gear for peak performance, women in Special Operations, and the future of women in the military.

Why a military women’s symposium?

  1. Current military training does not sufficiently account for the biological differences between men and women, and how those differences can be leveraged for peak performance. Approaches to training can be improved to optimize performance, increasing readiness and combat performance across the force.

  2. Studies show that anatomical variance between male and female servicemembers demonstrates a need for improved apparel and equipment. Areas for improvement include footwear, plate carriers, parachute harnesses and clothing. Optimizing gear and apparel for the end-user’s anatomy could significantly increase readiness for combat and reduce injury.

  3. More nuanced discussion and policy are needed for health and professional support for soldiers from pregnancy, through delivery to nursing and child rearing, to peri- and post-menopause. Policies that improve these life-phase experiences could yield increased retention of female servicemembers, and overall optimization of well-being and satisfaction in service.

In an effort to make the symposium free to attend, The Valkyrie Project, Inc. is seeking sponsorships and donations. Please contact or complete the form at this link if you or your organization would like to help.

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