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BYOP (Bring Your Own Program), forum access only

Our program is the complete package to build a baseline for performance and durability in physically demanding military schools and occupational training courses.   In addition to access to the exclusive forum, the Valkyrie Project Tactical Training Program features:

  • training tailored to female biology

  • 7-day-a-week training programming, with two rest days built in

  • scientifically-proven phased training

  • competitive pricing 

  • benchmark and progress tracking with the Beyond the White Board App

  • interactive posting with others in the program

  • access to the closed VP Facebook forum for Q&A with mentors 


Movements you can expect to see in VP Tactical Programming workouts include:

  • weightlifting (bench press, front/back squat, dead lift, dumbbell work)

  • powerlifting (cleans, push press, push jerk)

  • kettle bell movements 

  • gymnastic movements (push ups, sit ups, core work, pull ups, air squats)

  • running

  • jump-rope

  • rowing

  • sled push/pulls

  • general functional movements (wall-ball work, overhead carries)

  • odd object movements (sandbags, tires, atlas stones)

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The perks of Premium, at a student rate (.edu e-mail verification required)


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Tactical performance workouts, plus BTWB app & forum access

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